Tom Hardy Workout

As actors go, Tom Hardy is arguably one of the best. What makes him stand out so much is how devoted to his roles he is and how in seemingly every role he’s played, he undergoes some sort of transformation for that character. If you’ve seen the action packed but incredible film, Warrior, you will… Read More »

Brock Lesnar Workout Plan

Brock Lesnar Early Days Brock Lesnar grew up in a rural town in South Dakota where he attended Webster High School and achieved a wrestling record of 33-0-0 as a senior. From high school, Brock went on to Bismarck State College and then to the University of Minnesota where he would further his wrestling skills… Read More »

Chris Hemsworth Workout And Training Plan

Chris Hemsworth has to stay in shape. The man that plays the legionary Thor cannot be weak or out of shape. Now a person can get a body like Chris at home by following his workout plan. Day 1 The first day of the workout week focus on the back. A person will do 20… Read More »

Joe Manganiello Diet

Maintaining a really great body requires more than just great workouts. Unfortunately we all live in a society where bad food is dressed-up in sauces, and all kinds of other dubious forms of tasty non-nutrition, designed to trick us into eating it, and filling the pockets of some capitalist. The part of this equation that… Read More »

Lebron James Workout and Diet

No one can argue that LeBron James is in great shape. In order to stay in the NBA and keep breaking records James works hard to keep his fit yet muscular tone. When James works out he does not just work out to stay in shape. His workout focuses on building endurance and increasing energy… Read More »

Terry Crews Hollywood Workout

Actor and former NFL linebacker Terry Crews has become well known for having a great physique for a 47 year old man. He has played a number of movie and TV roles including Hale Caesar in The Expendables movie series, Terry Jeffords in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine sitcom, and the Old Spice TV commercials. His NFL… Read More »

Cristiano Ronaldo Diet

Cristiano Renaldo is probably the most recognised footballer in the world. Handsome, supremely talented, and now the subject of a brand new movie about his life. So what is the secret of the Cristiano Renaldo diet? Well, the very best soccer players are of course using their bodies daily to exercise, train and built muscle.… Read More »

Hugh Jackman Workout

Hugh Jackman Intensity Hugh Jackman has a successful career in a long list of award winning movies and Australian TV series roles, but he seems to mostly be remembered as the Wolverine in the X-Men movie sequences. But his continued success was made greater with his Broadway role in Les Miserables. For the movie roles… Read More »