Tom Hardy Workout

As actors go, Tom Hardy is arguably one of the best. What makes him stand out so much is how devoted to his roles he is and how in seemingly every role he’s played, he undergoes some sort of transformation for that character.

If you’ve seen the action packed but incredible film, Warrior, you will definitely have noticed that Tom Hardy packed on an insane amount of muscle in order to play his character, Tommy Conlon.

The actor added on 30 pounds in mass for the role and here we’re going to go into detail about some of the fitness regimes Hardy focused on.

What Did Tom Hardy Do in a Day?

In order to gain a lot of muscle in a short period of time, the trick is to work out little but often so Tom trained when he woke up, at lunch, before dinner and before going to bed taking part in various activities such as four strength work outs each day as well as cardio, muay thaijiu-jitsu and boxing.

So then what specific exercises did Hardy do in order to gain all that muscle?

The Exercises

Push Ups

A variety of different techniques in push ups is vital for different muscles. Your first set should start with your hands shoulder width apart. For your second set, form a diamond with your forefingers and thumbs.

Your third set should be with your arms wider than the width of your shoulders and finally, your final set should be done on your fists.

Standing Shoulder Flyes

Have moderately heavy dumbbells in each hand – 20 pounds is suggested but this can vary on whatever suits you and with your palms facing forward, raise your arms slowly until they meet above your head.

Lower back to starting position and repeats for desired amount of reps. To increase the difficulty, make the weights heavier or try standing on 1 leg.


Using a chair, which is probably the most common and convenient household item, sit on the ground with your legs out in front of you but with the chair behind you.

With your fingers pointing towards your body and your back straight, pull yourself up using the chair seat until your bottom is off the floor and your arms are straight. Slowly lower yourself back to starting position and repeat.

Abdominal Workouts

Tom Hardy has a killer abdomen in Warrior and these exercises can be used to increase core strength and muscle. As they are slightly more difficult, the exercises are split into bulleted stages for you to do if and when you’re comfortable taking the next step.

  • Stage 1: Lay on a mat with your legs pressed together. Clasp your hands behind your head, lift both your head and shoulders and hold in place. Then tighten your abdominal muscles and slowly lift your legs off the floor. Drop back to start and repeat for 10 reps, then 7, 5 and 3.
  • Stage 2: Copy stage 1 but when you’re in position, bend your knees and pull them in so they touch your elbows.
  • Stage 3: Again, copy stage one but this time, when pulling your knees in, don’t bend them. Lower back to start and repeat for the same amount of reps.
  • Stage 4: Insert your left shoe in the handle of a kettlebell and wrap your right foot around your left leg and repeat stage 1.

Brock Lesnar Workout Plan

Brock Lesnar Early Days

Brock Lesnar grew up in a rural town in South Dakota where he attended Webster High School and achieved a wrestling record of 33-0-0 as a senior. From high school, Brock went on to Bismarck State College and then to the University of Minnesota where he would further his wrestling skills as he won two Big 10 championships and came in 2nd at the NCAA tournament and finally made NCAA Heavyweight Champ in the Nationals in 2000.

When Brock left the college scene he entered into the world of professional wrestling. From 2002-2004 he was a three time champion and at only 25 years of age, the youngest champion of all time. After trying to change his path, he played with the Minnesota Vikings for a short time and then returned to wrestling where again became a champion in Japan from 2005-2007.

Brock Lesnar Later Days

Lesnar suffered some setbacks in his career, including losing a match to Frank Mir and losing his belt to Cain Valazquez. He also battled diverticulitis off and on while in his UFC career.Lesnar retired from the UFC after his lose to Alistair Overeem; however, he has returned to the WWE.

Being able to constantly perform in the rigorous battles of wrestling require him to perform an intense workout. A workout that ensures he maintains his stamina as well as a diet to keep body fat contained. Below is the schedule he puts himself through to maintain the incredible power he displays.

Workout Schedule

Brock’s workout/training plan according to

First Day Chest/Triceps

* Bench Press- six sets repeated 12 times

* Incline Dumbbell Press- four sets repeated 10 times

* Dumbbell Flyes- three sets repeated 8 times

* Cable Crossover- three sets repeated 8 times

* Triceps Dips- four sets repeated 10 times

* Triceps Pushdowns- four sets repeated 10 times

* Skull Crushers- three sets repeated 10 times.

Second Day Back/Biceps

* Wide-Grip Pull-Up- four sets repeated 6 times

* Medium-Grip Pull-Up- four sets repeated 6 times

* Narrow-Grip Pull-Up- four sets repeated 6 times

* Seated Cable Row- four sets repeated 6 times

* Stiff-Legged Deadlift- four sets repeated 6 times

* Deadlift- four sets repeated 6 times

* Preacher Curl- four sets repeated 12 times

* Curls (hammer style) – three sets repeated 10 times

* Dumbbell Curl (at an incline) – three sets repeated 10 times.

Third Day Shoulders

* Overhead Barbell Press- four sets repeated 10 times

* Seated Dumbbell Press- three sets repeated 10 times

* Dumbbell Front Raise- three sets repeated 10 times

* Dumbbell Lateral Raise- three sets repeated 10 times

* Upright Row ( on a machine called Smith0 – four sets repeated 6 times

* Barbell/Dumbbell Shrug- four sets repeated 6 times.

Fourth Day Legs

* Leg Extension- three sets repeated 10 times

* Leg Curl- three sets repeated 10 times

* Narrow-Stance Squat- four sets repeated 6 times

* Medium-Stance Squat- four sets repeated 6 times

* Wide-Stance Squat- four sets repeated 6 times

* Leg Press- four sets repeated 6 times

* Stiff-Legged Deadlift- four sets repeated 6 times.

Lesnar also includes as part of his training some cardio training.

Grapplingfour times a week:

* 5 – 60 second rounds

* 5 – 60 second standing drills.

Striking and Ground and Pound two times a week:

* 5 x 5 Minute rounds

* 60 second breaks

* 25 total minutes for the workout.

Muscular and CardioTraining

First: Pushing Muscular round lasts 60 seconds

* Spiderman push-ups

* Plyo push-ups* Pushing tire

* Mounted punching

* Hand switch.

Second: Pulling muscular round last 60 seconds

* Pull-ups in a reclined position

* Pull-ups using full body weight

* Using a tire to push and pull

* Pull-ups while jumping

* Twirling a heavy weighted bag.

Third: Cardiovascular training- 60 seconds

* Standing exercise Bike (70rpm)

* Bicycle type exercise machine to strengthen arms

* Use of a Treadmill with settings as high as they go

* Windspirit exercise bike used while standing

* Standing exercise bike.

Fourth: Strength training

* Use of machine designed to move the body as it should move, often referred to as the Jammer

* Doing the sledgehammer moves to increase muscle mass

* Ssprawling across a large ball often called; medicine balls

* Crawling in a bear position.

Fifth: Most intense round

Repeat Round three without rest.

Chris Hemsworth Workout And Training Plan

Chris Hemsworth has to stay in shape. The man that plays the legionary Thor cannot be weak or out of shape. Now a person can get a body like Chris at home by following his workout plan.

Day 1

The first day of the workout week focus on the back. A person will do 20 reps and five sets of the following exercises. The exercisers will start off by doing pull ups and then sets of pushups. The hammer strength two armed row is then performed. The workout out them moves onto a dumbbell row and sends with a Swiss ball hyperextension.

Day 2

Day two will focus on building muscles in the chest. The workout begins with a barbell bench press as well as hammer strength chest presses. The exercise continues with weighted dips and ends with cable flyes.

Day 3

This day will focus on the legs. The exercise begins with a series of back squats, leg presses, and walking lunges. The exercise program will continue with leg extensions and single leg curl. The day of exercise will end with standing calf raises.

Day 4

This exercise works on the shoulder. The first exercise that is done is the military press followed by the dumbbell lateral rise. The dumbbell front raise is next followed by the dumbbell rear delt flye. This will allow the shoulder to bulk up.

Day 5

This day focuses on the arms and building bicep muscles. A person will do barbell bicep curls followed by an exercise known as the skill crush. This is followed by EZ bar pressure curls and dumbbell lying triceps extinctions.


After day five a person should rest. There are some bonuses exercises that can be done during the five day workout. These include the general plank, general side plank, and toe to toe bar.

Chris Hemsworth has a body that many people admire. By following this workout plan a person can get into great shape as well.

Get to Learn about the Unusual Herschel Walker Workout and Diet Plan

Herschel Walker is a renowned former NFL player and now a tuned Martial Arts professional. At the age of 52 years, you can expect him to have some saggy muscles since he is no longer playing football. Walker looks different that most of the guys his age and even those half of his age. The Herschel Walker workout and diet plan does not need many special equipment, but rather a lot of determination, and toughness of the mind.

Walker is a perfect example of people who do not spend hours and hours in the gym pumping iron just to get the perfect body. He has developed and maintained his body around doing simple exercises such as push-ups, dips, pull-ups and sit-ups.

Sample exercises from the Herschel Walker workout and diet plan

Walker has replaced most of the weight training with more of repetitive training. This shows that you do not always have to keep on pumping iron to get in shape. Here are some sample exercises that make Walker look better than ever.

– Doing 750 to 1000 push-ups. This exercise is good for the chest, shoulders and triceps muscles. The exercise will help to build a better upper core.
– Going for 2000 sit-ups. You can go for several variations of the sit-ups to ensure every inch of abdominal muscles are exercised.
– 1500 reps of pull-ups. Consider doing the wide and close grip pull-ups to strengthen the back and biceps muscles.
– 1000 triceps dips. The triceps dips are meant to work on the chest, triceps and should muscles.

As you can see from the number of reps required, it is not going to be an easy task working out with this plan. People first thought that without too much weight lifting, then it would be an easy workout plan for them. Such a workout plan with many reps requires discipline on a person. A good discipline is what will ensure you get to keep on getting better at the number of repetitive reps you can do each day.

What about his eating habits?

If you thought his workout was a bit crazy, wait until you get to hear about his diet. Walker does not follow the whole idea of having three meals each day. Most nutritionists favor the three-meal plan per day, but Walker has something different entirely. He only takes one meal a day, which is also called the Intermittent Fasting.

Walker is not a great fan of having breakfast and the same thing goes for lunch. He only takes dinner at the end of the day. His evening meal will not be something heavy just because he skipped the other two meals. His dinner consists of soup, bread, salad, and sometimes a little chicken on the side. Walker does not eat any red meat in his diet.

Most people would argue that this type of diet does not give a person the necessary energy required to work out for long hours. It seems that the much-disputed diet is working for Walker as his body looks ripped at all times.

Joe Manganiello Diet

Maintaining a really great body requires more than just great workouts. Unfortunately we all live in a society where bad food is dressed-up in sauces, and all kinds of other dubious forms of tasty non-nutrition, designed to trick us into eating it, and filling the pockets of some capitalist.

The part of this equation that is particularly perilous is that every time we put this tasty stuff in our bodies, our taste buds are momentarily happy, but it leaves our digestive system working overtime, searching for straings of nutrition as it breaks down this stuff, trying to get it out of our bodies as quickly as possible.

People that live the Hollywood life, like actor Joe Manganiello, have to both hit the gym hard, and watch everything they eat. To this point, lots of protein and raw foods is the hallmark of such a diet, and make no mistakes, you have to eat a lot.

Average Daily Plan

Mr. Manganiello follows a pretty strict diet, eating approximately 5 to 6 meals per day. On Monday, the first meal is 2 packets of oatmeal with a protein shake.

The next meal is composed of about 10 oz of lean protein, like chicken, with a half a cup of a carbohydrate-rich vegetable like corn, and a fiber-rich source of energy, like a sweet potato. In the afternoon he has a protein shake and a piece of fruit.

The next meal is 6 ounces of protein, 1/2 a cup of vegetables, like carrots or asparagus, and a large salad with vinaigrette dressing. The final meal of the day is 4 ounces of lean protein with 1/2 a cup of vegetables.

This is about the average day for Mr. Manganiello as he centers his consumption around lots of protein intake, and hebuilds in raw foods around that protein, like vegetables, fruits and nuts.

This is very clean, smart eating. The days when he is on-set, filming a show or movie, his diet changes a bit.

On-Set Days

On the days when he will be on-set, consumption goes to 6 or even 7 meals per day. One example of a work day meal plan begins with whey protein powder shake and almonds. Shortly after this he will have egg whites with bacon and fruit.

The next meal would be one he has while he is on-set, and what he seems to do is realize that he is going to deviate from clean eating when on-set, partaking in some of the less healthy snacks.

In an attempt to help his body digest these potentially unhealthy snacks, he makes sure he has fruit with whatever snacks he has on-set. The next meal of the day 10 ounces of lean protein as well as 3 ounces of beef, and he has 1 cup of vegetables with this.

The next meal is salad with a about 4 ounces of lean protein, feta cheese, bacon and dressing. He then allows space in his daily meal plan for more on-set snacks. He ends the on-set days with his final meal, which in this case would be salmon steak with salad and green beans.

Smart Eating

Whether it is on-set or a regular day, it is clear that Mr. Manganiello sidesteps dubious sources of carbohydrates, and he takes in more protein than any other source of nutrition.

I guess that is how he maintains his great shape! Always remember, our bodies will store copious amounts of carbohydrates, but it will store zero amounts of protein; for this reason protein should always be the centerpiece of any good diet.

Lebron James Workout and Diet

No one can argue that LeBron James is in great shape. In order to stay in the NBA and keep breaking records James works hard to keep his fit yet muscular tone.

When James works out he does not just work out to stay in shape. His workout focuses on building endurance and increasing energy levels.

He also spends a lot of time working on cardio activities and using up a lot of energy in a short period of time.

Monday Workout

To follow the LaBron James workout a person will have to do a specific amount of sets and can then rest for a period of 45 seconds. This will help build up the heart rate and put the body into fat burning mode.

Each day of the week presents a different workout. On Mondays James does three sets of pushups and three sets of pulls and rests 45 seconds between sets. He then moves onto a dumbbell snatch and single arm cable row doing three reps per arm.

Tuesday Workout

On Tuesday the person following this workout plan will do three sets of dumbbell squats and three Swiss ball hip curls also in three sets.

After a 45 second rest the workout moves to three reps of dumbbell steps and three single leg standing dumbbell raises per leg.


It is a day of rest that is designed to help the body recover and repair from the workout.

Thursday Workout

The workout plan resumes on Thursday with three dumbbell incline presses and three lat pull downs.

After the 45 second resting period the workout continues with three reps of single arm dumbbell should presses for arm.

After these presses a person will follow up with three single arm neutral grip dumbbell rows for each arm.

Friday Workout

James does schedule a workout for Friday. It is important to get some physical activity in before the weekend begins. On Friday the workout has a person doing three sing leg squats for each leg and three sing leg Swiss all leg curls again three per leg.

After the 45 second rest a person will then do three dumbbell side lunges per leg. They will end this workout with an unstable up rope. A person will jump as fast as they can for a period of 45 seconds. They will then rest for 45 seconds.

This is continued until a person does three sets. It is best to perform this on a flat surface as to cause less pressure on the knees. After a person completes this workout they are allowed to take Saturday and Sunday off for rest.


In addition to working out LaBron takes an interesting approach to his diet. He eats foods that are high in carbs such as rice and bagels. This will give him the energy he needs without very little fat.
LaBron James is in great shape.

He is able to run around the basketball court without getting tired. If a person follows this workout plan they will also have an increased amount of energy and will be able to perform physically activities without getting out of breath.

Terry Crews Hollywood Workout

Actor and former NFL linebacker Terry Crews has become well known for having a great physique for a 47 year old man.

He has played a number of movie and TV roles including Hale Caesar in The Expendables movie series, Terry Jeffords in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine sitcom, and the Old Spice TV commercials.

His NFL background forms the basis of his workout routine, and the results have been notice by Expendable’s co-stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and many other people.


A key part in having a good physique is a proper diet, and Terry follows a high protein diet that focuses on portion control. He doesn’t count calories or read labels, and he is aware of what is good for his body and what is not.

His diet consists mostly of lean meats and vegetables, and he will often make meals ahead of time and stores them until he is ready to eat them.

To help him stay on track, twice a year for an entire month he will write down everything he eats including calorie intake to see if he has developed any bad eating habits.

Workout Routine

Terry has a rigorous workout routine to help him stay fit. He runs approximately four miles a day and he lifts weights four days a week.

Proper technique and consistency are the keys to his workout routine which helps him to prevent injuries and avoid laziness.

His advice to people who are starting a workout routine is to start slow and create a good workout schedule. His workout routine consists of:

  • Day One – Weight lifting targeting the shoulders and running.
  • Day Two – Weight lifting targeting the chest and biceps.
  • Day Three – Running and Swimming.
  • Day Four – Weight lifting targeting the back and running.
  • Day Five – Weight lifting targeting the legs and abdominals.

Terry’s combination of a strict diet and rigorous exercise routine has helped him to have one of the fittest bodies in Hollywood.

Cristiano Ronaldo Diet

Cristiano Renaldo is probably the most recognised footballer in the world. Handsome, supremely talented, and now the subject of a brand new movie about his life. So what is the secret of the Cristiano Renaldo diet?

Well, the very best soccer players are of course using their bodies daily to exercise, train and built muscle. Being able to run for ninety minutes whiles executing feats of superb ball skills does not come without masses of practise. So no soccer player needs to watch his calorie intake too closely, except perhaps in the off season when training is less intense.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The focus instead is on getting excellent quality food which will provide first rate fuel for building and repairing muscle, tendon and bones. Renaldo is Portuguese, born on the island of Madeira, so it’s natural that he includes a lot of fish in his diet. Mediterranean fish like gilt head bream are a particular favorite, cooked very simply, maybe grilled and served with olive oil, lemon and a big fresh salad.

Meat is part of this player’s diet, and he doesn’t shy away from red meat. Quality is everything, and he chooses to eat an organic steak every now and again, although chicken and fish dishes are more frequent selections.

When in training, Ronaldo will eat six small meals a day, starting with a protein filled breakfast consisting of whole wheat cereal, some cheese, perhaps fish. A few hours later he’ll enjoy a protein shake. Lunch would be a big salad, perhaps with brown rice or wholemeal pasta, fruit, and fruit juice.

(Ronaldo drinks very little alcohol, preferring to drink natural fruit juices like orange, pineapple, mango, peach and lemon, and of course plenty of water. He always makes sure to eat plenty of berries for their known anti toxin properties.)

He’ll have a snack in the afternoon, probably plenty of fruit, nuts, yogurt, a wholemeal sandwich maybe with ham or cheese, and again accompanied with plenty of fruit juice.

Dinner is the main meal of the day and will be eaten reasonably early to allow for digestion before sleep. Footballers need a lot of sleep, it’s during the hours of sleep that a lot of the body’s repair systems go to work. The choice of food would be along the lines of grilled chicken – probably with a fiery Portuguese pepper sauce like piri piri – accompanied by a complex carbohydrate such as brown rice, a baked potato, wholemeal pasta, beans or lentils.

Along with this, maybe some grilled vegetables with plenty of olive oil, for skin and hair condition and to aid in the digestion of vitamins. For desert, well, he has been seen eating some fairly gooey cakes, and with his exercise levels, he can certainly afford to treat himself every now and then.

However he is more likely to choose a fruit based desert – a mixture of fruit sorbets, grilled grapes in kir, or simply fresh seasonal fruit. Portuguese cheese may feature at the end of the meal, including the delectable Queijo de Cabra Transmontano, Serra da Estrela and São Jorge. To finish, Ronaldo enjoys a cup of good coffee.

More info about Ronaldo’s workout and diet –

More info about Cristiano Ronaldo at his official website –

Hugh Jackman Workout

Hugh Jackman Intensity

Hugh Jackman has a successful career in a long list of award winning movies and Australian TV series roles, but he seems to mostly be remembered as the Wolverine in the X-Men movie sequences. But his continued success was made greater with his Broadway role in Les Miserables. For the movie roles where he has had to bulk up quickly, he showed as much dedication to his workouts as he put into his film work.

Hugh Jackman

The Hugh Jackman workout for the Wolverine role was a 4 week program that transformed this 40+ year old actor. The trainer that worked with Hugh stated that he was very intense about working out, often only getting 5 to 6 hours of sleep per night and an occasional nap during the day, if possible. The workout was a combination of low intensity training and rest periods to keep the body fat levels low while bulking up.

The Workout Design

The workout regiment for Hugh Jackman begins with low 1 to 5 heavy rep work, followed by harder workouts and high rep plans. When you increase your strength with low reps, you also increase your ability to perform higher reps, which gives your body a better gain.

As for Hugh’s dietary requirements, his food varied in different stages, but which consisted of heavy carbs when it was weight training days and low-carbs on the days that he rested. The primary goals of this workout plan were to improve strength and size, while simultaneously keeping his body fat to a minimum. His menu looked like the following:

Typical Wolverine Menu

  • Meal 1 – eggs and oatmeal
  • Meal 2 – Steak, Sweet Potato, and Broccoli
  • Meal 3 – Chicken, Brown Rice, and Spinach
  • Meal 4 – Fish, Avocado, and Broccoli

The Hugh Jackman diet for his Wolverine role, was a 2 phase method, where Phase I is centered around mass building and Phase II is about cutting calories, fasting, and lean mass building. Hugh eat every 2 hours. This diet was eaten as he performed on Broadway and at the same time, preparing for his Wolverine role.

Workout Program

The Hugh Jackman workout program was four weeks of reps with each lifts changing every week. The first 3 weeks entailed increasing the bar bell weights. During the 4th week the weight bell is reduced so that he could perform 10 reps with relative ease.

The calculations to factor your workout for working a 1-rep max, is to take 95% of your 1-rep max. Hugh Jackman’s main lifts were made up of back squats, barbell bench press forms, weighted pull-ups, and deadlifts.

The Wolverine WorkoutHugh Jackman suggested that to workout like the Wolverine is to give the body lots of time to heal and grow:

  1. Monday: Workout for chest and arms
  2. Tuesday: Workout for legs and abs
  3. Wednesday: Rest and light Cardio workout
  4. Thursday: Workout for the back and biceps
  5. Friday: Workout for Chest and arms
  6. Saturday: Workout for Core and legs

Dietary and Workout Adjustments

Mr. Jackman and his trainer believe that the most important part of training is a computation of 70% dietary intake and 30% training. Depending on the type of Hugh Jackman workout performed each day, his dietary needs were adjusted for that.

  1. Monday: Heavy weights and a day of high carbs equaling 4500 calories
  2. Tuesday: Heavy weights and high carbs until 4 p.m.
  3. Wednesday: Low intensity cardio and Low carbs (only green vegetables)
  4. Thursday: Heavy weights and a day of high carbs equaling 4500 calories
  5. Friday: Heavy weights and a day of high carbs equaling 4500 calories
  6. Saturday: Heavy weights with high carbs until 4 p.m.
  7. Sunday: A day of rest with low carbs consisting of only green vegetables